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Afternoon visit: Nansha Tianhou Temple

Date:   2018-03-01

Facing the Pearl River estuary-Lingding Ocean, Nansha Tianhou Temple is a mazu temple on the southeastern of the Dajiao Mountain in Nansha district of Guangzhou and covers about 100 hectares (247.1 acres). 


It was built to worship the goddess of sea (called Mazu by the local people), whose real name is Linmo (960-987). The architecture combines the style of the Forbidden City in Beijing and the sublimity of Dr. Sun Yatsen's Mausoleum in Nanjing. It is the largest Mazu Temple in southeastern Asia and reputed as the best Tianhou Temple in the world. The Mazu statue is nearly 14.5 metres high, which is located in the center of Tianhou Temple Square. 



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