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Collaborate with us: RCFE, SCAU

Date:   2017-11-24

There are 14 members in Research Center of Forest Economics, SCAU, including 5 professors and 7 associate professors. In recent 5 years, the center has chaired more than 30 research projects and published more than 60 research papers.

The core member of the center has 6 scholars. Professor Gao Lan is the director of the center, who is also the consultant of the State Forestry Bureau and department of forestry in Guangdong province. The other 5 scholars are all young scholars born after 1980s, who have studied in Helsinki University, Sweden Agricultural University, and Toronto University.


Major research directions of Research Center include management of protected areas, forestry reform & forest industry development and forest carbon sequestration.


In respect of the studies of management of protected areas, the center has recently undertaken a International Cooperative Projects of NSFC (The impact of habitat regulatory policies on ecological protections and rural livelihoods: The case of giant panda protected areas in China). It is a 5-years study, and cooperates with the experts of CIFOR. In addition, the center also undertook some other projects which aimed at poverty alleviation in protected areas.


In respect of the studies of forestry reform, the center has accomplished a series of long-term tracking studies on collective forest reform. The center has undertaken a major projects of Social Sciences in Guangdong Province (Collective forest right system reform: Guangdong’s practice and model innovation), which has won the first prize of Outstanding achievements of Social Sciences in Guangdong Province. Meanwhile, the center has undertaken a monitoring project of forestry industry development from the State Forestry Administration.


In respect of the studies of forest carbon squestion, the center has undertaken a project from NSFC and major projects of Social Sciences in Guangdong Province (Governance mechanism of management risk of forest carbon sequestration).

The center hopes to cooperate with the international scholars to study the issues on the management of the protected areas and the surrounding local livelihoods. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in these topics. Email us: bluewei0099@163.com; yijing_becky@163.com; zhoueragon@foxmail.com. 

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