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As in the past, the World Conference on Natural Resource Modeling(WCNRM)  is bringing together scientists and stakeholders interested in mathematical and numerical modeling of renewable and exhaustible resources. The WCNRM will be a forum for exchanging ideas on modeling issues related to environmental and natural resources.

The WCNRM 2018 is co-organized by Resource Modeling Association and South China Agricultural University. It will be held on June 9-13, 2018 in Guangzhou, China. The theme of the conference is biodiversity conservation and sustainable development. It aims to look for a socio- ecological solution especially in developing countries where economic growth and environmental quality are competing objectives. The conference will pay particular attention to biodiversity conservation, ecological resilience, management of the protected areas, and sustainable utilization of natural resources.


Welcome to South China Agricultural University

One of the national key universities, South China Agricultural University is a “211 Project” university sponsored by ...


Welcome to College of Economics and Management, SCAU

The origins of College of Economics and Management extend back to the discipline of Agricultural Economics Education ...


Collaborate with US: Research center of forest economics, SCAU

The origins of College of Economics and Management extend back to the discipline of Agricultural Economics Education ...


Important Dates

  • Deadline for abstract submission:31st March, 2018
  • Deadline for early bird registration:20th April, 2018
  • Deadline for final registration:10th May, 2018
  • Field trip date:10th June, 2018
  • Conference date:10th-12th June, 2018


Georges Zaccour

Georges Zaccour is working in Department of Decision Sciences, HEC Montréal, Canada. Professor Zaccour’s fields of expertise include Energy/Environment, Marketing, Game Theory, and Control Theory.

Junchang Liu

Junchang Liu is a Forest Economist in the School of Economics & Management, Beijing Forestry University, China. Professor Liu’s research focuses on the forest statistics and evaluation of forest resource

Jeffrey Peterson

Jeffrey Peterson is the Director of the University of Minnesota’s Water Resources Center. His research area is environmental policy analysis, focusing on water use and water quality impacts from agriculture.

Jun Wang

Jun Wang is professor in College of Marines of South China Agricultural University. Professor Wang’s research focuses on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology,and Agricultural and Food Chemistry.


Conference and hotel venue

Conference venue:School of Ecnomics and Management, South China Agricultural University, 483 Wushan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, China 

Hotel: Grand International Hotel.

Price:around ¥ 520 per night 

Know more about the hotel: 


Booking:  reserve this hotel on website https://www.booking.com 

FREE cancellation. No prepayment needed. Acommodation costs will be borne by yourself. 

Payment: Pay at the hotel using cash or credit card. Credit cards accepted:  Visa, Peony, Kins, Greatwall, Long, Pacific, Orient, Master, AE, Diners, JCB.

Volunteers: We have volunteers from SCAU in the hotel during 8 am to 10 pm in 7th-8th of June, they can help you check in and give you program guides about the meeting.

Transportation to our campus: We have shuttle bus taking you  to arrive at and depart from our campus during 10th-12th June. 

Transportation Instruction

BaiYun International Airport—Grand International Hotel (嘉逸国际酒店)

(1)Taxi. The taxi pack-up point of A arrival is set outside the gate of A8, the taxi pack-up point of B arrival is set outside the gate of B6. Take a taxi to Grand International Hotel (Chinese name is 嘉逸国际酒店) (about ¥120).

(2)Subway. Take Metro Line 3, get off at Linhexi Station(¥7). After getting out from Exit C, walk straight about 1200 meters to Grand International Hotel, or take a taxi to Grand International Hotel. (¥12)

(3) City Bus. Take Airport Express Line 6a, and get off at Citic Plaza (Chinese name is 中信广场) (¥21). Then take a taxi to Grand International Hotel. (¥12).

Payment information
(1) Bank transfer
Beneficiary’s Bank: China Merchants Bank, H.O.,CMB TOWER,7088 SHENNAN BOULEVARD, Shenzhen, China, SWIFT Code: CMBCCNBS
Beneficiary’s name: Guangzhou Tubang Meeting Event Planning Co.,Ltd
Beneficiary’s A/C No.: 120910034910301
Beneficiary’s Address: Room 607.Yinxin Commercial Building .No.28 Tangde South Road. Tianhe District. Guangzhou .China
(2) Credit pay



On sunday morning, June 10, there will be excursions to Nansha Wetland Park in Nansha District, G...


Buffet with both western foods and traditional Chinese foods in Flower Love Hotel.


On sunday afternoon, June 10, there will be excursions to Tianhou Temple in Nansha District, G......



The RMA is an international association of scientists working at the intersection of mathematical modeling, environmental science, and natural resource management. We formulate and analyze models to understand and inform the management of renewable and exhaustible resources. We are particularly concerned with the sustainable utilization of renewable resources and their vulnerability to anthropogenic and other disturbances.

One of the national key universities, South China Agricultural University is situated at Guangzhou.The campus covers an area of over 8250 mu (550 hectares), and the total gross floor area is over 1.37 million square meters. The university has 22 colleges (departments). The number of staff and faculty of the university is over 2,900. The total enrollment of regular students is over 42,000.

There are 147 faculty and staff members in College of Economics and Management, including 119 professional teachers (90% is Doctor), 43 professors, 50 associate professors, 24 doctoral supervisors.In recent five years, the CEM faculty has chaired and completed more than 52 majors, key or general national projects. The total funding surpassed 45 million RMB.

There are 14 members in Research Center of Forest Economics, SCAU, including 5 professors and 7 associate professors. Most of the members are young scholars and have been studied abroad. In recent 5 years, the center has chaired more than 30 research projects and published more than 60 research papers.